Updated COVID-19 Safety Plan

Sep 2, 2021

Productivity Bootcamp have been actively monitoring the advice and updates provided by the State Governments and NSW Health regarding COVID-19. The health and safety of our Bootcampers, our workers, their families, and the community are our top priority.

We have recently updated our COVID-19 Safety Plan to reflect the current state of the pandemic in NSW. More measures have been introduced to help minimise the risk presented by COVID-19 and allow Productivity Bootcamp to continue operating.

Wellbeing of Workers on site

• Management will monitor government advice daily including the daily update given by Premier Berejiklian and NSW Health. Relevant updates are communicated to staff and Bootcampers as they are received
• All staff and Bootcampers are to sign in using the QR code
• No visitors to site unless approved by Program Manager (approved visitors mainly includes suppliers/contractors like the skip bin people or the company that pump out the toilets). Any visitors must sign in using the QR code
• Those visiting for application appointments are still permitted but must wear a mask and the appointment is conducted outside with physical distancing measures in place. They also must sign in using our QR code
• Staff are not to attend external meetings unless approved by Program Manager (this would only be approved if necessary to provide support to a Bootcamper)
• Temperature checks will be conducted on Greater Sydney sites prior to persons entering the site
• Any staff/Bootcamper who is displaying symptoms of feeling unwell or has had casual/close
contact with a positive case must get tested, isolate and produce negative results before returning to the site
• Any workers who reside in any of the restricted LGA/suburbs are not to attend the site unless:
➢ Provide evidence of the 2 required Covid vaccines
➢ Provide evidence of the 1st Covid vaccine 21 days or more prior
➢ Provide evidence of the 1st Covid vaccine and a negative Covid test result every 3 days
until they reach 21 days post vaccine
• All personnel on site shall adhere to the following requirements:
➢ Face masks must be worn at all times on site – except when under taking strenuous
activities (masks can be lowered but social distancing measures should be in place unless it poses a safety risk)
➢ Wash your hands often with soap and water. This includes before and after eating and after going to the toilet – sanitizer is used when soap and water is unavailable
➢ Bootcampers are provided an additional 5 minutes at break time but must line up to wash hands at the start and end of each break. This is supervised by staff
➢ Desks/tables, chairs, tearoom and surfaces are cleaned and sanitised daily
➢ Workshops are being held outside where possible
➢ Work that is completed indoors will have windows and doors open to increase air flow
➢ No sharing of food, drinks, smokes vapes or similar
Social Distancing:
➢ Physical distancing measures in place (unless it poses a safety risk)
➢ When indoors (including tearoom) all personnel must maintain 4m2 per person separation
➢ Staff and Bootcampers are not to engage in physical activities such as handshakes, hugs etc
• Morning pre-start meetings include a reminder of our COVID safety rules
• Staff and Bootcampers are advised that they need to adhere to government requirements whilst on site but also in their personal time if they wish to remain on site
• No guests are permitted at graduation during lockdown. Graduations are being held on site to minimise exposure to external venues
• Covid Safety plan will be adjusted according to government advice

A PDF version of our Covid-19 Safety Plan can be downloaded here.