Why bootcamp

What makes Bootcamp different!


Our training is based around developing construction skills, but our Bootcampers also develop qualities, sought after by employers in every industry.

Productivity Bootcamp uses industry benchmarking to ensure our graduates are work-ready for any building or construction site.

Practical Training

We replace classrooms and teachers with worksites and tradespeople. Learn practical skills, on-the-job, from trainers who know their trade, know the construction industry and know how to be effective and productive workers.

Build Confidence

During Bootcamp, you’ll learn the basics of various trades, become competent using a wide variety of tools and learn with like-minded peers.

Personal Growth

Learn how to cultivate a positive attitude, develop a strong work ethic and communicate effectively with others, to enhance your life and your employment prospects.

No Cost

Thanks to Government support, there is no cost for you to join Productivity Bootcamp. While we’ll provide tools and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), all you’ll need to supply is your own steel cap boots, long construction pants and hi-vis shirt. That’s it.


No matter what career you’re working towards, upskilling is key to securing a job and pursuing a career. Get a head start by learning the basics of the most popular and in-demand trades while also developing skills that will set you apart and set you up for life.