Lockdown’s Impact on Team 60

Sep 10, 2021

Times have been extremely difficult as of late with COVID-19 putting us into a global pandemic. Plans have been postponed, businesses have shut down, and friends and family have been separated. When the State Government announced the construction pause, Productivity Bootcamp had to temporarily shut down their Sydney sites. As a result, Team 60 from Penrith had to cease working 2 weeks in. This is the first time ever that a Bootcamp team has had to put their time in the program on hold. The Bootcampers and staff went into lockdown feeling uncertain about when they would be able to return to site.

Fast forward to a few weeks later, Premier Berejiklian announced that individuals in construction could return to work if they are located outside of a lockdown LGA. This announcement meant that our Penrith site could reopen and some of the Bootcampers and staff could return, however we had to say goodbye to a few Bootcampers who were residing in lockdown LGAs. 

On the 2nd of August 2021, our remaining Bootcampers returned to site with their tool belts and face masks on. The Bootcampers had to adjust to several new measures introduced to minimise the risk of COVID-19, however this did not stop them from giving it their all. Their time away in lockdown did not impede their motivation, but instead made them stronger and more united. As more suburbs went into lockdown, we lost a few more Bootcampers. Team 60 became smaller, but those who remained continued on and worked even harder despite seeing their fellow teammates go.

Fast forward again, Team 60 graduated on the 10th of September surrounded by our very proud staff members. Who would have thought that Team 60’s 8 weeks in our program would fly by even amid a state-wide lockdown? We want to take this time to congratulate Jayden, Lucas, Mamady, Max, Salesi, and Ty for sticking it out all the way to graduation. You put your best efforts into the 8-weeks despite a global pandemic and experienced something that no other Bootcamp team has had to experience. Thank you for lighting up the yard during the stress of lockdown and showing us what perseverance and resilience looks like. We cannot wait to see you all flourish in the working world!