About us

Why Choose Bootcamp


Founded in 2015, Productivity Bootcamp is a construction industry training organisation designed to build better lives for young Australians.

The Bootcamp team is committed to developing the practical skills and values required to succeed in life and has provided an exciting, new experience in the training and employment space.  We believe we can tap into the strengths of the younger generation, while still meeting industry needs.

It is our aim to train, equip and upskill young people through practical, challenging, fun and hands-on activities.

With the overwhelming success of our programs so far, we know we are creating a more productive workforce for the future by investing in our young people now and giving them the right knowledge and tools to succeed.


We instill in our Bootcampers the need to ensure the job is done safely and with the right work ethic – our Bootcampers are taught what is, and isn’t, acceptable in the workplace.

We provide instruction in:

  • Safety standards
  • PPE – Personal protection equipment
  • Risk management
  • Empowerment – speaking up

Our program fosters confidence and motivation in our Bootcampers, encouraging them to always be at their productive best.