Productivity Bootcamp is an 8-week construction program that equips and trains young people while preparing them to become a valuable part of the Australian Workforce

Our Mission:

To train, equip and upskill young people through intensive face-to-face Productivity Bootcamps.

Our Vision:

To see the next generation become the most hard-working and highly skilled workforce we have ever seen.

Our Belief:

Unemployment is on the rise, our population is ageing and apprenticeships are dropping. It‘s time for a change. This next generation of workers if invested into correctly will be the most effective and productive workforce the world has ever seen.

Our Future:

We have seen hundreds of young men and women excel through Bootcamp and into a variety of employment with an 87% graduate employment rate so far. Our next steps include launching Bootcamps around the state and country while providing employment and further upskilling through Productivity Force. We are also excited to bring our enthusiasm to train, instil values and increase productivity to other industries too.

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Kimbalee (Parent)

Everyone there at Productivity Bootcamp are ABSOLUTE CHAMPIONS in transforming kids into capable young men. I can’t thank you enough for everything that was done to help (my son).

Bryce (Bootcamper)

Thank you to Productivity Bootcamp, I’ve now got a traineeship!

Josh (Bootcamper)

This course has been the best thing I’ve done in my life and has made me better as a person and just thinking more positively.

Lesley (Bootcamper)

Bootcamp is amazing and life changing!