Farewell, Rebecca

Aug 9, 2022

It is a universal truth that we must all face, whether we like it or not, everything must eventually end. Bootcamp experiences this regularly, in fact every 8 weeks when a team graduates. These endings always feel bittersweet. We send our Bootcampers off into the working world to take on their next adventure feeling confident on what their futures holds. Unfortunately, there are times when we face endings that are not so sweet…For the past 7 years whenever the name Rebecca Embleton was mentioned it was always associated with Productivity Bootcamp. Today we need to face a Bootcamp world that Rebecca is no longer a part of. This is such a painful reality to face. She has always been the solid ground when things were uncertain, she has provided a strong leadership to our Bootcamp staff and the nearly 2000 young people that have walked through our gates. She has developed the Bootcamp brand to be known as strong, supportive and resilient – Something that we are all so proud to be a part of.

Rebecca – We know how hard it is for you to walk away from your Bootcamp baby, but we want to assure you that what you have created here at Bootcamp is something amazing. You have created a strong and confident team that has your same passion and will to continue on your legacy long into the future.

As much as it will be hard to see you go, and wish you well, we are excited about the next adventure you will dedicate your skills to because if it is even half as great as what you have created here then we know it will be amazing. Good luck Rebecca on your next adventure and remember: Once Bootcamper, always a Bootcamper.