Engineer Experience Day

May 2, 2022

Our Civil Graduate Engineer Experience Day went off with a blast. On Friday 22nd April, we welcomed 15 Graduate Engineers from Seymour Whyte and John Holland to get hands-on, practical experience in civil works.

Our Graduate Engineer’s program has been specifically designed to assist Graduates to further build on the theoretical knowledge obtained through their tertiary studies by providing a realistic and practical experience of working on site and collaborating closely with teams, particularly Tradespeople/Contractors.

The Experience Day focused on practical skills such as utilizing a variety of formwork systems like Doka and PERI along with learning to install Non-Drill handrails, tie steel for a retaining wall and general civil works. Through these works they gained a greater understanding of a typical day of a Tradesperson and they learnt how to effectively plan and work as a team. A key takeaway was learning the importance of Trades and Engineers working collaboratively.

Our Director, Paul Breen also ran a session, sharing his experiences and giving practical advice on how Engineers can increase productivity on site through greater understanding and relationships with Tradespeople and contractors.

Overall, it was a great day. A huge thanks to the Graduate Engineers from Seymour Whyte and John Holland for participating – we hope you got a lot from the day.

We offer a variety of program options for Graduate Engineers. Our 2-week Program dives deeper into increasing productivity on site. To learn more, or to enquire about the Engineering program, get in touch with our office on 0419 511 565.