Doka partners with Productivity Bootcamp to expose youth to the formwork trade

Aug 26, 2020

Valuable trades like Formwork are often left out of career information for today’s youth. With so much planned construction work in NSW over the next decade, it is critical that young people know about the opportunities available to them. Doka and Productivity Bootcamp have teamed up to expose young people to the opportunities in the formwork industry.
Through Doka’s generous donation of their innovative formwork system, young people at Bootcamp are getting exposed to the trade and many have gone on to Formwork Apprenticeships with sister company, Productivity Force.

“When young people arrive at Bootcamp, they often list carpentry, plumbing or electrical as their chosen trade. This is often because they have not been exposed to the enormous amount of other trade opportunities within the construction industry. They get a taste of this in Bootcamp and that is why we see young people graduate and move on to roles in formwork, waterproofing, roof tiling and so much more”. Rebecca Embleton, Director – Productivity Bootcamp

Doka are a world leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing formwork technology for use in all fields of the construction sector. They have a genuine interest in supporting the industry and its future workforce. Productivity Bootcamp welcomed the partnership initiated by Doka and are excited to see future Bootcampers gain valuable skills in this area.

“The construction industry has so much more to offer outside of the well-known trades like carpentry, electrical and plumbing. An apprenticeship and trade qualification in Formwork opens doors to work on some of Australia’s biggest infrastructure projects. I encourage all young people to join Productivity Bootcamp before pursuing their trade to get the exposure that will help them make the best decision about their future” – Kieran Duffy, General Manager, Productivity Force

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