What is Bootcamp

Productivity Bootcamp is an 8 week course that gets young people work ready, focusing on arming them with foundation skills to enter the Infrastructure industry. These include skills in formwork, steel, concrete and general groundworks. All though this program is based around infrastructure, our style of training offers much more- safety, injury prevention, attitude, work ethic, communication skills, dealing with different personalities, punctuality, nutrition– all of which affect labour productivity in every industry.

The important thing is to have workstations that engage them, so when they start completing them on their own they get that sense of pride. They can achieve anything when the put their mind to it. It’s why our infrastructure workstations are perfect to lift work ethic and have them work fit to enter any industry.

Lately we are seeing a lot of negative media around the young generation- that they are lazy, unproductive, reluctant to put in the hard hours, no understanding about turning up on time. See link below:

Generation Unprepared News Article

We have just completed our second pilot program, and yes, the above is true when they first started our program, but the transformation of our first 16 graduates has proven we need to adapt the style of training that taps into this young generation.

All our training is done outdoors where we have work stations set up (see photos below) to replicate the type of work they would do on site; classroom environment does not work for most. Our students get exposure to different trades in a stimulated worksite to help them find their own strengths to choose the right career path, which will help reduce the fifty per cent dropout rate in apprenticeships.