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Building Careers with Strong Foundations.

Productivity Bootcamp is a ground-breaking 8-week program, designed to develop a range of practical skills to get young people job ready. Our training program concentrates on developing skills across the construction industry, involving hands-on learning in our own dedicated construction yard.

While our training is based around developing construction skills, our Bootcampers also develop qualities, sought after by employers in every industry. Our training covers developing a good work ethic, communicating effectively with others, being able to deal with different personalities in the workplace, time management, injury prevention, nutrition and wellbeing, money management, problem-solving skills, reliability, initiative and many more core skills.

Our training program equips young people with the practical skills and values to shine above the competition.

Productivity Bootcamp provides a practical approach with 100% hands-on training by qualified and experienced tradespeople.

Productivity Bootcamp is revolutionising youth employment. Our vision is to provide a whole new experience in the training and employment space.  We aim to tap into the strengths of the younger generation whilst still meeting industry need. With the overwhelming success of our programs so far, we believe we can create a more productive workforce for the future by investing in our young people now and giving them the right knowledge and tools to succeed.

Some of our industry specialisations:







steel fixing

Steel Fixing



Roof Tiling

Roof Tiling

In addition to these core trades, Bootcamp gives the opportunity to learn a range of other trades based on demand.

Kimbalee (Parent)

Everyone there at Productivity Bootcamp are ABSOLUTE CHAMPIONS in transforming kids into capable young men. I can’t thank you enough for everything that was done to help (my son).

Bryce (Bootcamper)

Thank you to Productivity Bootcamp, I’ve now got a traineeship!

Josh (Bootcamper)

This course has been the best thing I’ve done in my life and has made me better as a person and just thinking more positively.

Lesley (Bootcamper)

Bootcamp is amazing and life changing!

Why Bootcamp?


No matter what career you're working towards, upskilling is key to securing a job and pursuing a career. Get a head start by learning the basics of the most popular and in-demand trades while also developing skills that will set you apart and set you up for life.

Practical Training

We replace classrooms and teachers with worksites and tradespeople. Learn practical skills, on-the-job, from trainers who know their trade, know the construction industry and know how to be effective and productive workers.

Build Confidence

During Bootcamp, you'll learn the basics of various trades, become competent using a wide variety of tools and learn with like-minded peers. By the end of the 8-week program you'll have the confidence to tackle any project or situation thrown at you.

Personal Growth

Learn how to cultivate a positive attitude, develop a strong work ethic and communicate effectively with others, to enhance your life and your employment prospects.

No Cost

As a government initiative, there is no cost for you to join Productivity Bootcamp. While we'll provide tools and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), all you'll need to supply is your own steel cap boots, navy pants and hi-vis shirt. That's it.

Employment Opportunities

Upon completion, we can assist you to obtain a traineeship or apprenticeship. With our associate team at Productivity Force, along with a range of employers looking to hire Bootcamp graduates, there's no shortage of employment opportunities.

Bootcamper Graduate Opportunities:


Shining above the competition, Bootcamp graduates have the skills and values to walk into any industry and become successful. We can help you become more competitive and land that job.


Tradies love taking on Bootcamp graduates as apprentices or trainees. Our graduates have proven experience and knowledge and have the qualities potential employers look for when recruiting.


Our sister company, Productivity Force, employs several Bootcamp graduates for a variety of jobs in the community. We're always looking to grow our workforce and support the next generation.

The 8-week Bootcamp is focused on practical on-the-job training without the boring stuff

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