Productivity Force


Productivity Force is a company that takes the trainees who are interested in the industry and are assessed competent to work on site. With infrastructure being so high risk, Bootcamp is ideal to test their attitude and competency. Those that are not able to handle the rigours of the industry will be placed in employment that’s more suitable for them.

Our aim is to demonstrate to the industry a more effective way to train and motivate this young generation while making the industry an attractive career choice.

Infrastructure is a very labour-intensive industry. Our philosophy has always been, having all experienced trades in a crew can be very inefficient. Experienced trades people are much happier in their work when they can keep setting up in front of them, knowing they have the right personnel behind them, tying steel, stripping and making shutters, shovelling and levelling concrete, all of which are the skills we are teaching in Bootcamp.

These trainees can then support trades people in a more productive way when at the same time learning the finer skills to becoming Cert III qualified, “Learn and Earn”. Not the typical method where they mostly watch and learn we will give them a sence of purpose. The skills they learn in Bootcamp will allow Productivity Force to place them in different crews to help them choose their right career path. Our ratio when putting crews together will be 1 tradesperson to 2 trainees, which would complete tasks in the same time as 3 tradesmen offering more value for money, helping with skill shortages and filling the skills gap.