Other Training Courses


A 2-3 week course for people that are already work ready that need upskilling, Labourers, that never really get a chance to learn the basic skills which would make them more productive to support tradespeople which would then encourage them to take up a trade. It would be ideal for people that may have lost a job in a factory or simply just want to change their career path.

Immigrants that will work on our infrastructure projects, because it has been brought to my attention with the high safety standard we have here, they are one of the biggest causes of safety incidents which can cost a project up to 50K each in lost productivity.

We are offering School placement a safe environment to let them try out different trades

Supervisor Course

From our experiences in Bootcamp in the techniques which drives and motivates this young generation, we want to pass on this knowledge and are currently finalising putting together a course for supervisors and lead trades people. Quite often I have seen supervisors with great knowledge of the job but lacking the communication skills to drive and motivate crews- another Productivity Killer