Raising Productivity and Safety starts with Effective Training

What is Bootcamp

Productivity Bootcamp is an 8 week course that gets young people work ready, focusing on arming them with foundation skills to enter the Infrastructure industry. These include skills in formwork, steel, concrete and general groundworks. All though this program is based around infrastructure, our style of training offers much more- safety, injury prevention, attitude, work ethic, communication skills, dealing with different personalities, punctuality, nutrition– all of which affect labour productivity in every industry.

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Workplace Injuries & Safety


Workplace injuries and unsafe practices are a big Productivity Killer. At Productivity Bootcamp we take this very serious. What we have discovered is that most of the trainees are not physically work ready. If they are not physically active through school or when on Centrelink, their muscles are weak which makes them injury prone, mark my word, with the likes of infrastructure being so physical they would be on Workers Comp within 3 months.

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Other Training Courses


A 2-3 week course for people that are already work ready that need upskilling, Labourers, that never really get a chance to learn the basic skills which would make them more productive to support tradespeople which would then encourage them to take up a trade. It would be ideal for people that may have lost a job in a factory or simply just want to change their career path.

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Our Vision


Productivity Bootcamp, Productivity Driver and Productivity Force working in conjunction with each other will achieve the outcomes of tackling youth unemployment, 50% dropout, raising productivity, raising the bar in safety and injury prevention, reducing safety incidences, cost blowouts and making this rewarding industry attractive for the young generation.

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